JSD Display Stand Supplier provides OEM & ODM services for all kinds of POP display.​​​​​​​



The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years.
Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
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  • How long will the model and production take?

    The model takes approximately 8-10 days, while the production takes about 30-38 days.

  • What are the acceptable payment methods?

    TT and L/C are the main methods of payment.

  • How do we monitor our products’ quality?

    We use the ISO9001 quality management system as our standard and AQL as the acceptance criteria. We accept ITS, SGS as third parties for quality inspection.

  • What kind of materials do we use?

    The materials we use include, but are not limited to, metal, stainless steel, acrylic, ABS, natural wood, MDF.

  • What is the MOQ?

    Our MOQ is 100 units. There will be an additional $450 shipping cost if the order is less than $10,000.

  • About us

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